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P02 Car Air Purifier Small Formaldehyde Eliminator

P02 Car Air Purifier Small Formaldehyde Eliminator

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Discover the power of P02 Car Air Purifier, designed to eliminate formaldehyde and create a luxurious driving experience. Harness the power of negative ions to purify the air and enjoy a noise level as low as 30 dB. With an air volume of 50 cubic meters per hour, this air purifier is perfect for any car setting. Certified with FCC, ROHS, and CE, our premium product category is unmatched in quality.

Its sleek and elegant design, measuring 75X75X171mm, is powered by USB or car power supply. Control the device with a simple touch and experience its effectiveness in areas under 10㎡. The filter type is composite, while the shell is made from ABS. Combining ABS, PP, PC, and electronic components, our product is both stylish and functional. The 800mAh polymer battery provides a quick 1 hour and 20 minutes charge time, and the device can run for up to 4 hours on the first

The Product comes standard with: a purifier, a filter element, a lemon aromatherapy tablet, a data cable, and a Chinese and English manual. 




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